Monday, August 17, 2015

Just One More! Letter # 86

That's usually what a personal trainer says when the trainee is getting close to the record. When he is tired and thinks he can't give any more. When he has gone so far and the moment that will define if he will beat the record and stand up strong or far back in the shadows of all the failed trials. It doesn't matter what the competition is or the record may be. There are always some who will doubt and others who will believe and those who believe are injected with a dose of joy that exceeds description when the trainee makes the cut and wins. Something that feels close to the overwhelming feeling of the Holy Ghost, not exactly but, close. That feeling is something that the one who is in the rally will feel before any fan and will last longer than anyone who was present at the time, witnessed from a far, or heard of it years later. That feeling of joy and sucess is something of most desire and just imagine if that feeling was acompanied by the Holy Ghost too. That feeling that you're probaly feeling right now. Just try to imagine the feeling that you're having right now and compare it with what you know how the holy ghost feels like. If you're not feeling it start reading my message from the beginning again, If you are then great. Imagine feeling the Holy ghost testify to you that you are doing your part of the plan of our loving Heavenly Father and Imagine that feeling together with the feeling of victory of a game well played, a race well ran... a mission well served. As I look back on my mission and try to remember all the great moments of success and feelings of the Holy ghost testifying to me that I am here sent from God I pondered these words that I have for you all today and hope you all have a great week.

Elder Rucker

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