Monday, August 10, 2015

Splits! # 85

Hey Family! 

This week was a great one as always and I really liked it because of how many splits I did. In portugese we call it Divisão which is division and to americans that makes no sense but, to me splits sounds so strange. The facts that I spent 3 days in a row splited with a different companion made me learn a lot and also see what I could do better in my work and help other missionaries do their work better too.

It is raining a ton here and after it rains it gets really hot but, at night is gets cold. Everyone keeps asking me hows many days I have still until I leave and I just have to keep distracted so that I dont think about it so much haha. I'm excited to see you all again for a little bit before I go back to Idaho. 

This week I saw a miracle happen when we had planned to visit a new investigator and we ended running late to get there when then we found a family that are getting ready to get married and want us to visit them! They were really cool and they are really interested in their family and the well being of their relationship nad when we told them that we believe that they could live together forever their faces lit up and I could feel the spirit really strongly. It was great. So, this week we are going to visit them and bring them to church this next week and it's going to be awesome. Their names are Reginaldo and Viviany and they have a daughter named Yasmin (4y/o). Pray for them to be able to go to church and to accept our message They are a family that could really strengthen the church here! Thanks!

I hope you guys have a great week!! Love you all!

Elder Rucker

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