Sunday, August 23, 2015

Slight Change in Plans...

Heeeyyy soo, I'm sure you all are super excited to have me home soon buuut, I think you guys are going to have to wait until September 2nd because on August 29th Elder Neil L. Anderson is visiting our mission for a multi-mission tour with all the missionaries of my mission and the salvador north mission and on the 30th the Salvador stake is having a special stake conference with Elder Anderson  The first time ever that an apostle is visiting this stake. It is history in the making and it would be too good of a chane to miss. With that being said, I am going to have to stay here for a little longer than expected. :) I already figured it out with the mission travel service and it seems to work out well. What a awesome last weekend on a mission. I hope this wont mess up too much of your plans that you've already planned. If the Bishops of Ken Caryl and from the ward where you guys are actually from agree I'll be satisfied just giving a testimony/talk on the 6th before I have to go to school on the 11th/12th.

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