Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Letter # 64 - A Wonderful Conference

Hey family this week we had a great zone conference! we had the chance to do some exchanges this week with our zone leaders and they taught us a lot of thing to help us baptize more in our area. I unfortunately dont have a lot of time today to write because I was trying to figure some stuff out with the byui scholarship first so I can get that in. Next week I'll ask president for a little bit more time so that I can still send you guys a normal email but, this week was super good. We had the baptism of Nelson Which was really special and awesome to be a part of. Our group is getting bigger!. I saw the hand of the lord in my life a lot this week. I would take me forever to saw everything but a couple were in the lives of our recent converts that have been gaining even stronger testimonies and this great conference that we had.

The conference was great because I learned a lot of things that can help me be a better district leader and help my district baptize more. Then Sister Andrezzo gave a really good talk about the atonement and talked of a couple good stories of her past that made here be more grateful for the atonement. President then gave a super spiritual talk about John 16 and 17 and about how we as missionaries need to give fruits. I loved it I know that this church is true and I know that my redeemer lives in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

Elder Rucker

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