Monday, January 19, 2015

Letter # 59 w/picture!

Another week of this wonderful work!


Jackson Rucker

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Dear Family,
This week was much better than the last one. I was not sick and I was able to work normally! Ive been very blessed to be able to work where I'm working for a lot of reasons. This week we found a couple more people that wanted to go to church. They were unable to make it though we will continue to work with them. We are teaching several paople that would be great leaders of the church here in Livramento but, just need to get over some obstacles that are keeping them from progressing completly. We are working in a neighborhood that has already been worked by the previous elders that were here but we are still having success finding new people that have never talked with the missionaries. I love how that works. We are always able to find new people that have never been invited to church. Thats a plus in serving in an area where the church is very new! I truely am a pioneer in a way for the church here and that has grown my testimony a lot of how the Lord will use our teaching and finding skills to bless the people who are having the first chance to accept the gospel in their lives. There are areas in the world, and even in our mission and some that ive even served in, where you can always encounter someine that has been invited to church, heard the missionaries teach or know someone from the church. Here I feel totally different. I love the chance that ive been given to be a missionary here and soon the few people that we are teaching will grown to a lot of people that we are teaching and that group of a lot of people will become small group again because we will have baptized the majority of them. I love to see everyday the blessings that pour into my life and for that im forever grateful. I hope you guys had a great week like i did and I hope that this week will be even better!
-Elder Rucker
The photo is of our district!

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