Monday, January 12, 2015

Letter # 58

W.W.W What a weird week


Jackson Rucker

7:58 AM (10 hours ago)
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Dear Family, 

So in these weekly letters, you know, we talk about our week, share some stories, some cool things we learned. Stuff like that right? There are those missionaries that are really dedicated, or have a lot of free time on their hands, write a letter home each week of 5-8 paragraphs that give almost a perfect imagery of the missionary's day-to-day life that just puts you in the passengers seat of a servant of the Lord.

Well If I had my choice in things, which I don't, I would have "forgotten to write" about a couple things that happened this week for sake of worry being striken into the hearts of my loved ones about my well being. Im sure some of you are just saying to yourselves, "Jackson, just get to the point!" and so ill just spit it out. I was super sick with fevers for 6 of the 7 past days. My companion and I barely got to work because of how sick I was. I started out with a fever on tuesday morning and felt really tired. Luckily, one of the few members we have here in a docter and dhe was home on that day. yay! we then went to see here and she said that i had a throat infection, which looked to me like they were my tonsils but, she didnt say anything that sounded like tonsils.She gave me perscriptions to get a couple medications and anti-biotics. The infection was a duze and gave me fevers everyday randomly that lasted for what seemed like forever. The highest it got was about 102.5 F and this week i was basically disabled between sleeping, taking meds, sleeping, taking meds. So, to finish things up I'm am soo much better today and i hope i never that to get sick like that for the rest of my mission because it was a bummer to have to just basically throw an entire week out without working. This is the week! Thw week that we were going to find last week are still going to be here and I have no doubt that the Lord has even more people waiting for our message. I love this work even when my health doesn't permit me. I really hope you all had a better week than I did.

Love you all, Elder Rucker

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