Monday, February 2, 2015

Letter # 60 w/pics!

Another week in the Lord's vineyard


Jackson Rucker

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Dear Family,
This week was a good one. We had to clean our entire house super well because the President Andrezzo and his wife came to do interviews with us in our house. Sister Andrezzo was here do do an inspectio of our house to see if we were actually living in good conditions and we weren't just piggin' out in our house we didnt really have that much to clean though. We had a good time with them here and its crazy to think that they will be ending thier mission in July so, that means that Im going to have 2 mission presidents!! How cool is that. Im super excited to meet Him but, Im super sad to have to depart with President Andrezzo. He's is such a great president and you can tell that they are a little sad to have to leave the mission too. Sister Andrezzo was telling me that they wish they could stay here for another 3 years.
We had asome cool lesson this week and have a couple really good investigators. We have a man that finally got married to his wife so that he can get baptized. The wife doesn't want very much with the church right now but he is super firm and really wants to get baptized. so we'll baptize him next week! it was really funny in the civil office where the wedding was basically just the signing of the papers and now really an actually reception they had the beatles playing in the background "All you need is Love" i could help but crack up at the music choice.
This morning I had the chane to help the man who was doing interviews with the people in Kenya again. He got the Job! and he will be leaving to Kenya on Feb. 13th! he will stay there for about a month or two until his wife and two children will join him. we showed them where the church is there using the church Find a chapel feature and they said they will go there!

We went to leave our house today and we were greeted by a crazy Dino-moth-beetle-butterfly insect that ive never seen in my life. and we caught if and then let it go because I didn't want to be responsable for killing the last dinosaur butterfly on earth.
This week I learned a little about how we need to be better disciples of Christ. I got your package by the way and I loved it. Thank you soooooo much!! In D&C 41:5 we learn that it isn't us that defines who a dicsiple is it's The Lord. I invite you all to reevaluate how you follow each pricaple of the Gospell do the we can really be disciple not just listeners of the word. I love you all! Thanks for the thoughs and prayers and have a great week!
-Elder Rucker

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