Monday, December 29, 2014

Letter # 56 with pictures!

Jackson Rucker

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Dear Mom,

This past week was way good and it was even better because I got to talk with you guys on skype! I had a great christmas and its weird thinking that it was my last on my mission. I only have one more time to skype you all and next mothers day and thats practically just around the corner! Im loving being here in Livramento and we had a great present this week! We baptized Edivaldo! We baptized him on saturday and comfirmed him on sunday. There were so many people that were out of town or sick that on sunday morning we started our meetings with 4 people. yeah thats right 4, Edivaldo, his daughter, and my companion and I. It was quite the experience. I taught the gospel principles class and in the sacrament portion my companion and I gave talks for about 25 minutes each haha. by the time we finished there were 9 people in total after a few showed up late. It really is a strange thing being the man in charge of everything, but one more baptism, one more soul for Heavenly Father. Im doing great and Im feeling a lot better. :) I hope you have a happy New Year and wonderful week! Love you all so much!

-Elder Rucker

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