Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Letter # 55

Jackson Rucker

AttachmentsDec 22 (1 day ago)
to me
Dear Mom,
Miracles are happening here in Livramento! We found a man a couple weeks ago walking on the street with his daughter and decided to contact him. He ended up talking very openly to us about how his wife had sied almost 2 yeard ago and how w]he was wanting to find a church that could explain what had happended to her. we taught about the spirit world on the spot and marked another time the following day to teach more about the gospel. He loved the plan of salvation and we ended up bringing him to church 2 times, brought him to the christmas party we had, and now we are really helping him prepare to be baptized this week. keep Edivaldo in your prayers so that everything came turn out well!
Im loving being a trainer and ill talk to you guys more about that on christmas haha. Im doing great and Ill give a more in depth status on thursday! I love you all and I cant wait to talk with all of you! Tell Dad that he's going to have to be with you guys to talk with me i cant make this call in two different times.
Elder Rucker

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