Monday, December 15, 2014

Letter # 54

Jackson Rucker

Attachments8:41 AM (11 hours ago)
to me
Dear Mom,
This week was great! and Super busy. We had a shorter week to work becuse of the CHristmas Conference that we had but all was well. I loved being with all the other missionaries in that type of special spirit. We had a christmas card exchange where we each drew a name of someone to give out card to and I got the card from President Andrezzo! I was super happy and im glad that I got the card from him because it was an actual card not just some pictures cut out of the church magazines taped together.
I have really been loving being the district leader here in Livramento. It has its challanges and I almost feel lke i want to rip out my hair sometimes but all this leads to better patient and more humility. I love being a missionary! I really cant think of a better thing to be doing. Today infact i had the unique chance to give service in a very interesting way. this past wednesday a lady practically jumped out of her car to talk with us. she approached us and was talking super fast and frantically trying to get our information because her husband works for a passion fruit producer and was setting up an important interview with a similar company in KENYA. So long story short I went to their house today so that i could be the translator with a man from Kenya that spoke very awful english. Man it was hard to undestand him. we did the interview over skype. and it was a really cool expirience. anyway Im out of time but I love you all and Ill write more next week!  Love, Elder Rucker

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