Friday, December 12, 2014

Letter # 53

Date:Tue, 9 Dec 2014 13:50:12 -0200
From:Jackson Rucker <>
To:William Marcum <>

Dear Family,

This week has been a good one. It passed by really fast. The reason im doing email today is because we had a christmas conference on moday with a couple of the zones of the mission and so today is p-Day. The mission has been really focused lately on a projet that the church has done called ~He is the gift~ and im sure you guys have seen the video but if not look it up . Its great. and is a good video to share with people. Im glad to hear that you guys made it to Maryland safe and got to meet the Gibala gang. I hope you guys enjoy the rest of the time you have there. Send my prayers and love for eveyone there. shortly ill be talking with you guys on skype and Ill let you guys know when ill be able to do it. Im doing great and cant wait to start the new year. its hard to think that this year is almost over. Im loving Brazil and my mission now that ever before. This was the best choice ive ever made in my life to be here. it really is impossible to replace.

Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Rucker

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