Friday, December 12, 2014

Letter # 52

Jackson Rucker

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Dear Family,
This week was a good one! We baptized two kids that have been going to church for 3 months and are super cool. They have a sister that is a member of the church but thier parents are not members yet. The father dosnt want anything to do with the church but the mom comes sometimes and would get baptized too if she lived with out her husband because the are not married legally. We had another good week here in Livramento and im getting to know everyone we're teaching still na dwe are always finding new people to teach. Im likeing be district leader. It has its hard points but all around its good and great experience. We have a recent convert family here that is super strong and the woman showed us this dvd that a neighbor gave her. The title of the dvd is "O Grande Engano: Mórmons" which is "The Big Lie: Mormons" hahaha we didnt get to watch it because it was super scrached but, she said that is talked really bad about the church and it also said a lot of false things that we believe it. For example, she said that at one point it she that Joseph Smith was a treasure hunter and wanted to get rich from selling a paper translation of the "treasure" he found. to sum things up we laughed a lot this week and im loving being with my companion and i cant belive today is December. Have fun in the snow for me! Love you all!
-Elder Rucker

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