Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter # 46

Jackson Rucker

AttachmentsOct 13
to me
Dear Mom,
Thanks for the article! Can you send me some good  clicker pens. the pens here are not top kotch if you know what i mean. My companion is from Cape Verde which are 10 islands that are actually really close to Brazil. he speaks portuguese already so he is basically a native. I only got to watch the sunday sessions of conference but the Branch president here is going to download the rest for us later. I loved it and yes i understood everything too. Its so natual to hear portugese but we had downloaded the sessions of sunday in english and another elder that is american and I watched it at the same time that everyone else was watching it in the sacrament room, but during the talk when Elder Godoy talked in portuguese we went in the room to hear it in portuguese because is was aweful to hear the english translator haha I loved his talk and i think is was my favorite. I had been thinking a lot about my patriaracl blessing lately and really enjoyd the message to put your life in check and think of the way you are living right now that all of the pronounced blessing can be completed. And act! Change the things that needed to be changed. I loved the talk also about the currents of life and the the 3 rules of rapid riding that all can be applied in our life so well. Study all of these talks again thay are so great! I had a great week this week and we have had a lot of success and will have even more here shortly. I love this gospel and love this mission. I wouldnt trade it for anything. I love you all and I hope Bill is doing better and that all of you are healthy and happy! Just know that I am too! I have the best calling in the world.
Love Elder Rucker

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