Thursday, September 18, 2014

Letter # 44

Jackson Rucker

AttachmentsSep 16 (2 days ago)
to me
Dear Mom, 

I hope you all had a great week I dint have time to read your email today but im responding to it anyway! I also forgot my cord for my camera but we had a baptism this past saturday and we are going to have another one this week too! Suelly is her name and she is 15 year old and is super cool and is sooo happy to be a member of the church. she is the niece of a family that moved here from sao paulo recently and she lives 18 km from the city that im on and to teach her we had to ride this super old bus that smelled like aweful feet this week to plan everything  for her baptism. we finally started the marraige papers for Dilma and Sivaldo! hopefully here soon we'll be baptizing them. Yesterday was our zone conference and man was it good. i felt the spirit a lot and really stronas well i have no doubt that in here doing the lords work and that the holy ghost is our senior companion in the field. I love this church there is no other church that could possibly be true. In the name if Jesus Christ. Amen. :) 

Love, Elder Rucker

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