Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter #43

Dear Mom, 

Thanks for the counsel about listening and thinking before I speak! Those are very useful tips! Thanks for all the love and help you continually give me! this week was a good week passed by really fast. we've been working a ton with the missionaries of the branch and they have been leaving with us the visit people a ton. i think everyday we left with one of them. it was great. we also had a night of integration to play games, have a good message, and a snack at the end. I don't really think we do this type of activity in the US but its really fun and its run by the missionaries too to integrate investigators. So Sivaldo arrived! He brought his birth certificate too! The next step is to get the birth certificate actualized for Dilma and then we can send in their papers for the marriage! that part of the process will hopefully be done this week. We witnessed a miracle yesterday. we were walking to church and my companion and I were both thinking, not talking, and we got the the church and met up with a family that lives about 40 minutes by car from Poções that goes to church evey Sunday and they brought with them their niece who is 15 yrs old who loves the church but has never been baptized and really wants to! We than looked at each other and both said that when we were walking we were feeling that someone special was there.  Have a great week!

Love, Elder Rucker

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