Friday, May 23, 2014

Letter # 30

Dear mom, 

This week has been kinda crazy and different but, Im alive! The internet inmy whole city was down and so that is the reason im emailing today! ive had a great week this past week because we have several investigators that are progressing and making great changes in their lives. WE also are repainting our church because it was an old market and so everything in side is pretty old and the paint is this gross green and yellow. So we spent a good part of the week scraping if the bad paint in prep for this next week of painting. Ive really strengthened my testimony this week about how improtant it is to live our live more by faith that by knowlegde. we have a member that is struggling with her testimony and is filling her head with doubts because she wants to know everything there is to know about our church but she is living more by the knowledge she has than by the faith and power of the holy ghost. we are helping her this week and I just wanted you guys to know that having a strong foundation of a testimony will allow the Lord to build upon your life evidences of his almighty hand and his work and glory.! I love you so much!

-Elder Rucker

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