Friday, May 30, 2014


Dear Mom,
Thanks for the birthday wishes!!! I had a wonderful day and i definatly will never forget it! We had a great week this week and we were able to baptize a couple that are so awesome! Claudio and Lucia were baptized in the OCEAN. (see attached pictures)  Yeah it was pretty cool. My testimony has been super strenghtened this week by my personal study as I was reading in Jacob 7 and Enos. I love whenever the scriptures talk about how there are signs sufficient enough to clearly know that there is a God and the plan that he has for each one of us and how perfect it really is. This alone should make us happy every single day. I also spoke this past sunday about how Enos was forgiven of his sins and was made whole thru a test of his faith and the amount of faith that he manifested was sufficient for the request he was looking for. We too can show our faith to receive the things we are needing and after a test in our lives often come the sweetest of blessings. Once again I can say I'm as happy as ever in paradise doing the coolest things ever. I love you all and thank you so much for the love, thoughts and, prayers.

Love, Elder Rucker

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