Monday, April 7, 2014

Letter # 24

On Monday, April 7, 2014 11:51 AM, Jackson Rucker <> wrote:

Dear Mom,

This week was great, again. :) Im loving my time as a missionary and loving the life lessons that will help me in my future. I loved Conference and I hope you did too! We had some investigators go which was exciting and three of them we can baptize this week! I loved every session of conference and the talks were exactly what our investigators and I needed to hear. I loved Neil L. Anderson's talk about Whirlwinds of our youth and I really connected with that one. Also all of the priesthood talks were great and I especially liked Thomas S. Monson's. We helped the Sisters in our district move to a different apartment in their same building because they needed more room because we have 2 duplas of sister missionaries, which was easy haha. The experience that i had last week was basically just about living mission rules and being a good example of being a good person. I didnt really have that exciting of a week, so that makes for a boring email to read but, hopefully next week it will be better. 

-Elder Rucker

The pictures!
1. The couple that was baptized a week ago that are my favorite people ever.
2. About half of the elders in our zone standing in a row shortest to tallest.

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