Monday, March 24, 2014

letter # 21

Dear Mom,
Thank you and Bill for the pictures they looked great! Im so glad that you guys had a great weekend! Have fun on the cruise and take lots of cool pictures so that i can see them when i get back! I literally started to cry when i read that Brett and the stutzs were in the temple and were there as a surprise. that is so sweet of them! I wish i could have been there with you guys but i was telling everyone here on saturday that my mom was gretting married! Im so happy for you!
This week was great for mee too, although we didnt baptize, we had a good weel for a number of reasons. First we followed up with our recent convert michelle about how her week was going and she said that the didnt feel that different but the contenence of her was way brighter even than before and her neighber Lais (16) is a young women that we taught when we were teaching michelle but she wasnt really progressing that much because she was not going to church but, this past week when we visited michelle lais was there and said that she wanted to go! so she went with us yesterday and loved it so much she tolod us after that she really wants to get baptized! we also had a couple other young women come to church with us that live really far away from our church building but they went and we we super excited because one of them, Raizzá (16), is super elect and has been keeping all of our commitments and loves going to church. We got everyone in our teaching group excited to go to general conference in our stake building here in a couple weeks and they said they would go! We were doing contacts on a street and I decided that we should visit an old investigator of ours, JosĂ© (54),  who we dropped because he didnt want to quit drinking coffee. He in  the past had gone to church once and really liked it. but we kind of got the impression that he dint want to progress until baptism because he showed no interest at all in stopping coffee, but we dicided to knock on his door and he welcomed us in and said that he was confused why we stopped coming by because he really liked it when we would pass by and teach him things. we invited him to go to church again and he said he would because he was really feeling it was time to start again because he witnessed a great thing happen in his life recently. He told us that after we had taugh him to pray about 2 months ago he started to pray all the time for his mom to quit smoking because she was having really bad health problems and about a month later his mom just stopped cold turkey. It was a great testimony to him that prayer is real and he came to church again and loved it agian. Elder Rudy and I are having a lot of fun together and he is a great teaching and is teaching me new things everyday. I love this work and I love my calling. I love you especially and I cant wait to here more about you wedding when we swap stories here in about a year and a half. Yeah can you believe it?? Ive been here for 6 months already. Ive learned so much in that ime that ive been here and im so glad a have so much more time still. I never want it to end because to be a missionary is one of the greatest blessings we as members of the church can do for our own lives and it is THE single greatest blessing for others! Have a great safe week and ill catch you on the flip side mama!

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