Monday, March 24, 2014

Letter # 22

 Dear mom, 
This week was great!! We had transfers and my companion said goodbye to a ton of members from our ward and on wednesday we went to the bus station to get my new comp. and to send him on a bus to his new area. I wan gret to have so much time with my trainer but i was excited to get a new comp and continue working in my first area. My new comp. is Elder Rudy. He is from Utah and has 22 months on his mission adn is set to leave here soon I wont to his last companion because i will most likely get transfered here in a month of so. He is great and has a lot of experience as a missionary and he is hilarious. He has some problems with portugese and has a really strong american accent haha, but i love him already. Sometime people turn to me to understand what he says, which in the long run will really help me. Im helping him learn the language better and we're already having a ton of fun together. We Baptized this week!!!! Michelle is her name and she is awesome! she was so ready to get baptized and she has two friends that are getting married and baptized here soon that she is setting a great example for. Im so happy that she got baptized because she is super smart and has so many questions but she knows that this church is true and thats to most important thing! Im loving life right now and the mission is just getting started. The craziest thing about my companion is that he also has a girlfriend serving a mission too! And you want to know where she is serving? Washington Federal way USA. Thats the exact same mission as Bre! SO im going to see today if maybe they know eachother today haha.  This week was great and we got some more people to church and im looking forward to this whole next chapter in my mission with Elder Rudy. I love you so much and have a great week and an awesome time getting married!

Love, Elder Rucker

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