Monday, March 3, 2014

Letter # 19

Dear Mom, This week was so-so. We worked really hard to get new investigators and we tried all the suggestions that PMG has to find people and we ended up with a decent size group that we had all confirmed to go to church this Sunday but as normal everyone but one person fell though Sunday morning. The one person we had in church is Michelle and she is a friend on so other investigators that the sisters are teaching. she has a lot of doubts and a lot of really good questions. hopefully she will get baptized soon. She doesn't have that many needs that we can help her fix but she keeps all of our commitments is liking church, and the BOM so far. she even said that she would go to our stake conference next week which is like an hour bus ride from our area! I really hope she goes! We decided this past week not to have this old man who was living all the commandments that we found get baptized because we thought he was not really prepared. that's kinda an odd thing having that missionaries cancel that baptism but we think it is for the better because he ended up not even coming to church yesterday. so we are still going to follow up with him this week and really see if he has an interest and we are going to teach him everything again. This week besides that was pretty boring but we learned about the atonement yesterday and it was a great reminder that we are not all perfect and this life is just a preparation period to be perfect! I love you so much and have a great week!

-Elder Rucker

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