Monday, February 24, 2014

Letter # 18

On Monday, February 24, 2014 8:00 AM, Jackson Rucker <> wrote:
Good morning! I still have yet to get the package and i probably wont for a while. the mail to and from brazil is awful! On top of it taking way longer than whoever you send it though says i only get mail once a month becaue im not working in salvador right now. two misionaries go once a month to salvador to get everyones mail and they go at the beginning of the month so ill probalby get it by my birthday. I have had a long week and it was pretty stessful with everything that i had to do. First our group completely fell and only two people remained in it because nobody came to church. We had to find a new area to work in becasue we are running out of ideas to try in the areas we have been working in. and basically the only areas we haven't worked are like 30 minutes walking from our apartment. so short story version was a lot of walking and a lot of sun. im sweating so much. its pretty gross. i did two divisions this week one with my zone leader and another with one of the elders from my district and those went fine just i didn't teach a lot because i didn't know their investigators at all and they are both brazilian and so they just take over. Their divisions both were in their own areas so it was good to get a change of scenery this week. On Tuesday this past week we had interviews with our president in our houses so we spent all Pday cleaning our house and thanks to you and the experience that i got from going to byu-i for a year it way a piece of cake just because I actually know how to clean up. We had our house judged by president and his wife based on how clean is was and we were awarded a degree of glory or outer darkness. I can proudly say that we earned Celestial. I had a great week of study this week and ive been really taking a  liking to reading old Liahonas and Ensigns that are in our house from other missionaries. In General conference in October of 2011 Matthew O. Richardson gave a talk about Teaching after the manner of the spirit and he talked about being a real teacher and how every member of this church regardless of calling has the responsibility to be a teacher to someone else. I loved reding this talk and i suggest you read it because i think it has a great message to learn. We have a baptism set up for next week too. During this past week when we were knocking door we came across a man who is pretty old but he went a handful of time to church 6 months ago and is living all the commandments. so we quickly taught him everything and he accepted to get baptized next week. Love you so much and have a great week! 

-Elder Rucker

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