Monday, December 2, 2013

Letter # 8

On Monday December 2, Elder Rucker wrote:

Dear Mom,
I had another great week here in Malhado! It rained sideways all day Tuesday, all day Wednesday, and most of the day Thursday. I didnt know there were hurricanes in Brazil. It was ridiculous. Our widows in our apartment are pretty bad and didnt really keep the water out. so we had to move all our stuff in our bedroom to this tiny little room on the other side of our apartment and literally scoop out the water that built up, but everything is fine know :) We got word that our mission is making changes and now we are no longer allowed to use backpacks and now have to use shoulder bags or bags that strap around your waist and so i got one for cheap! Also if we have investigators that are the age of 15 or younger they have to attend church 12 times, yes 12 times, before they can get baptized because Brazil has the worst retention rate of recent converts because kids get baptized without support of their parents and end up falling away from the church. Good news is that if the parents are also investigating the whole family can get baptized together! so now of efforts are being more targeted on parents and families instead of just anyone. im having so much fun and cant believe how incredibly blessed i am. I hope you had a wonderful week and Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Time is flying.
Love, Elder Rucker

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