Monday, November 25, 2013

Letter # 7

Dear Mom, I have been having a wonderful time in my first area. I really have witnessed what it takes to be a good missionary and I have my companion to thank for that. He has been such a big help to me an Im really blessed to be with him. He speaks english, which for one is great to help translate, and is great because he can really help explain the details of what it means to be a successful missionary. We have a lot in common and working with him has been a great experience. I understand now how people explained the first couple months of a mission. I feel like ive learned so much but at the same time i realize i know nothing at all. its a constant work in progress. Our district leader challenged us this past week to work on improving a christlike attribute from chapter 6 in Preach My Gospel and i chose Diligence. Learning more about how i can be more diligent in my study time and in the streets when im working has really improve the way i function and has given me a brighter outlook on things. On sunday, our ward had a fireside and my companion taught about how the members can work better with the missionaries and that every family should own a PMG and study it because every member should be a missionary. Two ward missionaries were called so my companion and I are excited for that because having a member go with you to teach is so much stronger because that member can be a witness that there are normal people in our church and that not all of our members go around in shirts and ties carrying backpacks and books with oddly eager smiles. This training that we had will help our ward a lot. Im healthy, happy, and hopeful. The water tastes great, and Ive been having the greatest two months of my life.


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