Monday, December 9, 2013

Letter # 9

On Monday December 9, 2013, Elder Rucker wrote:
Dear Mom,
This week was good, but really scattered. We were going to have 3 people baptized but a lot happened and it ended up that none of them did. Im already losing my english and typing is a struggle. So many people in Brazil will never say no to the missionaries. The hardest thing in this work is getting people to actually keep up on the commitments that you leave. It is rare for us to get a no for an answer and that leads up to a lot of disappointment when they dont keep their word. But I know one thing is true for sure that ive learned through this past week and our let-downs is that The Lord will place you in the path of someone that is ready for the gospel and He will also put you where you need to be to be the starting push towards someone´s conversion. You never know what influence you will have on someone´s life today that will make that change their mind in 5 years. Im loving the food and the culture but man i miss american food. I hope you had a great week and I cant wait to skype you on my 3 month birthday! :)

Love, Elder Rucker

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