Sunday, October 6, 2013

First Official E-mail!

Dear Mom,

I don't have a lot of time to emal so the emails from the mtc will be rather short and brazilian keyboards are a little weird so I might not have the best grammar. haha. I can safely say that Brazil is awesome and the MTC is so cool and I've learned soo much about myself and and about the gospel this past week. Portuguese is tough but I'm catching on really fast. I love my companion and my district and have some really great teachers and I've met some really cool people. Our district had our first P-day today and went to the temple in Sao Paulo. All I can say is that It's stunning. There are so many people here and a ton of tiny cars. We've taught several practice lessons to mock investigators and I've improved each time with pronouncing this and with the way that I teach. I'm so excited to get out of here though because Salvador is just calling my name! I love you so much and I'll talk to you next week!!


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