Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Letter # 76

We received this today from Elder Jackson Rucker ~

Holy Mole about sums up

Jackson Rucker

8:14 AM (12 hours ago)
to ANDERSON, Bennett, Bryce, Christian, Kevin, jake, me, Kella, Kristie, mark, Nicholas, Nick, Ryan, Scott, spencer, Stephen, Tanner, Travis, William
With that title you guys could probably be waiting to hear a cool and spiritual story about guacamole that I had this week but, unfortunatly nobody here eats guacamole. Avacados here a eaten with sugar and not salt and so people eat avacado ice cream, popcicles, or simply in a shake with milk and condensed milk. yumm right?

Dear family,

This week was a fast one. It was my last week in federação because I was transfered! Yep, I got transfered to where? Engenho Velho and I got called as a zone leader! The coolest thing is that I dont have to travel very far to move because I only have to move all of my stuff from one side of the house to the other because the zone leaders live in the same house. LOL

I enjoyed my time in ferderação but, now I'm on to a new chapter as a zone leader. Our area is basically the same, favela and a ton of stairs and giant hills. Engenho velho is a ward and so there are a lot more people and it is a little bit more organized. I'm really happy to be able to start this transfer and can hardly believe that is is my second to last transfer on my mission. I had a lot of friends that left this week for home and hopefully I'll   get back together with them at BYUI. 

My new companion is from missouri and his name is Elder Smith. He arrived in the mission field with me and I've known him ever since. I hope to work really well with him and do great things for the people in Salvador with him!

I hope you guys have a good week! I love you all and don't ever give up! There will always be a light at the end if the tunnel! Even if it's like the Eisenhower tunnel, it may seem like it takes forever to leave it or may even seem unessesary but, it's all part of the plan and we just have to keep on truckin'.

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