Monday, May 25, 2015

Letter # 75

Thank you! I didnt have much time to do email today because we had to go the airport and renew our passports so that took up the entire day but, it was fun i really enjoyed it. President andrezzo gave me a really big cake and it looks awesome. I'm very grateful for yuo guys and I couldnt have had a better day today it truly was great.
About the package... I'm guessing that you guys actually out the real value of the goods inside on the travel document that is on the outside which made the mail system put a huge tax that I have pay to be able to receive the package. It would cost $554 reias which is about 180 dollars and I dont have that haha. so I'm going to let the packe just return to the states and I'll get it in august. no problem really it really would be the best.  I dont have much time to write now but this week was good and I'm doing great!
Elder Rucker

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