Monday, June 29, 2015

# 80 - Emergency Room

It's not as bad as you think it is!

Dear Family,

Dear Family, This week was a little weird because we had an emergency transfer. My comp E. Smith was called as a tranier to an american that finally got his visa. I'm now in the same area with E. Hemingway! He was already my companion in Poções about a year ago and it is really great to be able to work with him again. He is a super good friend and is going home on the same day as I am. so for that reason it is really probable that we will not stay together for long. President actually said jokingly that the Lord had a purpose for me when I was with him the first time and I messed it up the first time around but, the Lord gives second chances for everyone. I'm excited and it was a blast being with him this week because this week was São João! A holiday that is celebrated in the northeast Brazil that is centered on corn foods and a type of music that is called Forró that is actually a twangy type of story telling. It was fun because we were together for the same holiday last year. 

we had our last house inspection of President and Sister Andrezzo because they are ending thier mission on this coming wednesday. We passed and had a great opportunity to here them speak in our sacrament meeting this week. It was super awesome and I'm going to miss them a ton. The new president comes this tuesday night and we are going to have a conference with the new President and Sister on friday

We are teaching this woman, Sônia, different from the skype Sônia, and she is progressing sooo much! We are looking forward to her getting baptized on the 11th! keep her in your prayers along with Neraci who we are also trying to get married so she can get baptized on the 18th! 

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