Monday, April 6, 2015

Letter # 69

Dear Family,
This week was a better one and the rash that I had went away! yea! We had our monthly zone meeting and we learned a ton about how we need to keep our area book in order because it really is the way that we keep our area moving forward. Our zone is super excited for the month of April and we are hoping a lot of blessings and miracles. We had a little bit of a short week because our area is super far a way from the rest of our zone we spent most oftuesday and wednesday traveling.
We had some very cool experiences one of which includes our watching of the video "He lives" and it was great because we watched with our recent convert Rosenval and his wife that is not a member and they both liked it! The spirit was really stong and it was a testimony builder for sure! Another experience of faith that we witnessed was yesterday. We ended up haveing our church meetings normally from 9am-12pm because there were not enough people that were going to be able to go to the nearby town of Brumado to watch conference there in the chapel that they have there. So, after lunch we decided to go to brumado to be able to watch the last session of conference that was to be streamed at 5-7pm. We got to the bus station 2pm  to catch the bus at 2:30pm to arrive in Brumado around 4pm the guy at the counter to but tickets said that there are no more tickets to be sold for the 2:30  bus because there were about 30 people waiting in the bus station to get on the same bus that we wanted. the bus was already half full and it was going to have to leave some people already who had just bought passages. My companion had lost total hope because the only other bus that was going to where we wanted was to leave Livramento at 5:30 and so it looked like it wasn't even worth it to stay and catch that other bus because the session whould end before we would even arrive there but, I was determinded. I told him that we had to just wait a see. There was no way that our only chance to watch conference this weekend would be denyed of us just because there were a lot of people traveling. We waited and as we waited for the next bus to show up I didn't stp praying for a miracle to happen ato let us be able to travel with out any problem and to let us watch the last session of conference. We needed two tickets and about 5 minutes later the same guy from the ticket counter came out from the booth and said to us that there was another bus that has showed up that would be able to take us it and bring us to Brumado! Wow how much faith can do. We ot to watch conference and I even got to watch it in Elnglish and it was great. A good lesson to learn indeed. I love you all and have a great week!
Elder Rucker

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