Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I Love My Mission! # 68

Dear Family, 

Of all the things in my life that I've been blessed with I would have to say that my mission experience until this moment has been one of the most important and most beneficial. I love my mission!

This week was a little odd but, I got thru it! I had a weird allergy on my body and hands that were like a rash but, any amount of anti-itch cream and gold bond powder couldn't keep me from itching and scratching. It was so bad that I would wake myself up several times in the night because I was scratching without even realizing it. It was rough. Thankfully In Livramento one of the members is a doctor and she helped me a lot. I had some blood tests done because the cause of the rashes was defiantly not from heat, something I ate or drank, and It was making me sick to the point that I was without energy. The test results came back and our member looked over the results, which were basically just a ton of numbers, and told me that there is not anything that is obviously wrong with me. There were some parts of the test that will only be available to know that results this week and tomorrow (Wednesday) I have an appointment with a dermatologist to see what's going on. Since last thursday I've been taking a anti-allergy medication that has helped a lot and it seems to have completly helped the rashes go away. 

So, on that good note lets talk about our invertigator Lucas. We had a long week that seemed to take forever because of my illness but, it went by really fast because we were preparing Lucas to be baptized this past saturday. We were able to teach him everything that we needed to and we even had sucess with his inverview too. So he passed the interview and everything but, on saturday afternoon we had a little bit of a hiccup. We went to his house to get him ready to go to the pool where we do the baptisms and he arrived shortly after and came to tell us that he didnt want to get baptized because he smokes pot and smokes it everyday. He goes on to tell us that we didn't ask him specifically if he smoked pot when we taught him the word of wisdom and that he doesn't plan to ever stop. I about cried when he told us this because I know how much of a stumbling block this can be on his progress but, we will find a way and he will overcome it. I have faith that he will. That is our new mission now. 

I love this work and it will be done for it is the work of God. I know this church is true and for that testimony i'm forever grateful. IN the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Elder Rucker

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