Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Letter # 66

I Can't Believe How Fast Time is Going (Letter # 66 from Elder Jackson Rucker)

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Hey Family! 

This week has been an exausting one but, great for sure! I have been really enjoying my time here in Livramento and I will be finding out to night if one of us will be transfered. I love Elder R. Silva and he definaetly is a great companion and as of right now my only son. This past week we have been working really hard to help the group here have some new people in the church meetings. It seems that every week we have a litle bit of trouble in having our investigators to get to church. We are really trying harder in our accompaning and finding efforts. We found a guy named Lucas who is 20 years old and lives with his mom and sister. We found him on tuesday night close to his girl friend1s house and he asked us to return on thursday and so we did. He lives in a family that is really open to spiritual thinking. His older sister and mom have both been members of a church for more than 15 years that teaches that all churchs are true and that we are all churches and thus we are all true because thats just the way it is. Its kinda weird because they disagree with us pretty often. so they have meetings in a building with other people that believe the same thing and say prayers and talk about Jesus and spirits. It doesnt have much organization and you just have to go there to be a member. Anyways, He understood the lesson we taught him about baptism and wants to find a path for him that is not the path of his family. His family is really open to us and respect us a lot and respect the choice of Lucas in finding a religion for himself but, dont really want anything with us as far as commitments. We went there on saturday again to teach them about the plan of salvation and we walked in and it was a little different because the 3 year old son of his sister was wide awake, the other times we were there he was sleeping, and he loves talking. He was talking so much that it became a constant sound in the room of his little voice and wreck that he was causing with his toy trucks. He is not obedient at all to his mom and yells at her and has tantrums like i hope i never had.( Wow it makes me so grateful for the way that I was raised). He was really driving the spirit away and was not listening to us or his family and they just kind of let it happen with out giving him any punishment for being such a rascal especially in front of guests like ourself. It really was a trying time for the patience of me and my companion as we tried to get our message across about one of the most important lessons we have. On top of this as we started and during the loud screams and yells of the kid, the Mom insisted to tell us everything that she believed in the plan of salvation according to her views wich took about 20 minutes for her to say all of it. Wow patience was key because we had only planned 45 minues to teach them and the kid wouldnt stop being a twerp. We finally were teaching and they had a lot of questions and we were worrying that Lucas wasnt understanding a lot. we finally finished and left and then I looked at my companion and we both were frusterated about how aweful the lesson had gone. We were then going to another lesson marked for an little bit later and as we were walkign of to the appiontment I decided that we had to say a prayer so that we could be able to teach this other family with the spirit and have them understand it. We said the prayer and we felt good we succeded in teaching the next family the very same lesson, the plan of salvation and we even talked about baptisms for the dead and temples and they understood everything! It was 100% better. and we were shocked about how essencial the spirit is in the lesson. Come sunday Lucas was the only one who came to church and we we thinking about how weird it was that he came and the other family didnt. Was is something we said? It didnt really make sense that he would have wanted to come to church and the others no but, we were surprised and that day we became that much confident in the Holy Ghost and the mysterious plan of The Lord but, we were happy and Lucas loved the service and is getting ready to get baptized on march 28th!

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Rucker

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