Monday, November 3, 2014

Letter # 48 w/ pics!

Dear Mom,

I got the package! Thank you so much for the PB and Nutella and the cliff bars! How did you know those were my favorite? And the photos too they turned out very well and I love them very much! The Ensigns too! AAHH!  I cant believe Julie Zimbleman is on the front of 5280! thats super cool! you'll have to tell that to the Walker family. 

I know that the easiest and fastest way to increase Faith and humility and patience is to study about it and practice it! Practice doesn,t mean put yourself in situations where they will be tested, but to be aware everyday that that is what you want to master and you'll find yourself be tested for it.

I had a good week and we had a lot of rain this week. We had a rough time though finding quality people to teach and teaching people that reall wanted anything with their lives haha but, it was a good week i learned more about keeping our focus on the work and being the better example. I know that we all can be better example to our fellow men and women and especially as missionaries we have to be top notch because we personally represent Jesus Christ and during these two years we have to be especially different from the world and its habits. I challenge you guys to do a personal inventory about the example you set and make the adjustments accordingly NOW! haha I know you'll be blessed for it and the ones who follow your example will too, and Heavenly Father will be happy too. Win-Win-Win situation.

I love you have a great week!
Elder Rucker

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