Monday, August 18, 2014

Letter # 41

Jackson Rucker

Attachments9:41 AM (9 hours ago)

to me
Dear mom, I had a great week and i hope you guys did too! we didn't bring anyone to church this week but it was because we had stake conference in the city next to ours and its about 2 hours by bus to get there and so nobody of our investigators really wanted to go. the couple that we will baptize is still trying to work out the papers that we need to finalize everything and get them in the water! we hope that this week will be the one that will seal the deal and we'll help them make their first covenant with the lord this week! i hope that all goes well and prayer for them is welcomed! their names are Dilma and Sivaldo! thanks! we are also trying to help a number of others to get them to church. ive recently been studying a lot in the book Jesus The Christ and man, it is great. ive never felt so gravitated into reading a book, especially one of this size, in my life. im learning so much about the savior that i feel like every page i read i know him a little better and this helps to be able to have more faith and a better outlook on life. i have been thinking a lot about you obviously because every time i look at the moon i think about how you love me so much! This past week he moon was huge! and i had to take a cool picture of it and i think it looks pretty cool. maybe i should go into photography lol:) also one of our members has a monkey and in one of the pictures was of the exact moment that he bit my ear. haha don't worry it didn't break the skin. the stake conference that we had was great The area president of Brazil, President Coasta came to speak to us and afterward we were waiting in the hallway and he specifically said hi to me i talked to me for a minute or two. it may not be something that out of the ordinary but i felt super special. we learned a lot about members working with the missionaries and a couple cool practices that we did about opening our mouth to share the gospel that helped the members use the help of the missionaries to the fullest. He told us that there was a study done a little over a year ago about the country that talks most about religion, has the most religious liberty, and has the best laws that are compatible with that liberty in the world and that country is Brazi! how cool is that? i really feel blessed in so many ways to be able to live here for this time in my life to be able to help others
here in Brazil to know the peace and joy of the restored gospel. I love this work and i know you all know someone that would like to know this message too and would feel blessed now or in 10 years because you opened your mouth to let the light of the restored gospel shine though your testimony. im doing great and cant wait to keep doing this for the rest of my life and into the eternities! in the name of Jesus Christ amen!

-Elder Rucker

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