Sunday, August 10, 2014

Letter # 40

Jackson Rucker

9:42 AM (7 hours ago)
to me
Dear Mom,

This week was good. We didnt baptize anyone but we have a couple that are super close to getting their marriage papers finished and so when that happens, BAPTISMS! I have really been enjoying the area ive been serving in but it doesnt have much to do as in things that are interesting to see or visit. Its a pretty town, for the most part, and the clouds and sunsets get really here.  i sent some pictures that show the clouds and the baptism that we had this past week and a cool photo i took. :)

I have really been loving my study these past few week and everytime i read the scripture i learn something new. I have really strengthened my testimony of how true the Book of Mormon  is. We, as missionaries share 2 nephi 33:10  wit people all the time and it opens up the eyes of people some of the times.

I have been loving it with elder Hemingway and it seems like this transfer has gone by really fast. he is a great friend and one that will be my friend forever.

This past week we had to stay inside for a portion of the day on saturday be cause pf the brazil worldcup game. we allowed to watch it but we ended up staying in the house studying because we could only watch it in the house of the member with whom we had lunch but we had our lunch delivered to us the day so that was sad. :( i wanted to watch it but there is always next game! have a great week love you all!

love, Elder Rucker

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