Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Letter # 34

Jackson Rucker

Jun 23 (1 day ago)
to me
Dear Mom, Janae (Mom #2), and Sally (Mom #3),

Sorry for the super short letter last week. I had a way better week this week and i would send you pictures but the usb on the computer im using is not working. :( This week was a long week because my companion and our district leader are not getting along very well and it is not very good on our relationship as a whole district. It was very ironic that this week we had a message from the president in our weekly letter that we read about the mission talking about how we have to obey our leaders and that we should always uphold the instructions off the mission leaders, but as we find in D&C 121:39 it is found by sad experience that in almost all men who gain a little but of authority that unjust dominion is started. So that's the jist of that. We have a really large group of investigators about 20 people of so tha we visit often throughout the week that are all on different levels of progress in learning the gospel. We have this one couple that are so great but the really just need to go to church. They're really young and have a really new family and the adversary reallly doesnt want them to ever have happiness in their lives. they both said that since we have been teaching them they have had nightmares about the adversary taking over their lives and making their lives miserable. They also have a lot of family members try to turn them away from us, even cousins and unlces that live incompletely other cities have contarcted them ans told a ton of lies and apostasy to them. they have missed 3 sundays since we started teaching them and every sunday has been super rainy and always something comes up in their lives to make it so they cant go. talk about ridiculous.

I have been loving what ive been studying and i feel like everyday i find a new srcipture that helps me in my learning of the gospel and in my teaching. reacently ive started reading "Our Search for Happiness" by M. Russell Ballard and it is written so well! I love it. You should read it!

The World cup is taking over the attention of everyone and everything has a brazil flag or brazil colors on it. cars, hair, dogs, food, the street, you name it. we have rules to stay inside our house anytime brazil is playing so that means study time! 

We baptized a 87 year old lady that is the grandma of a recent convert we have and she is officialy the most saintly and pure person here in Poções because she dosnt sin. It is also really easly to make her laugh. haha 

This transfer is going by fast and I love being here on a mission. There is always something to learn, improve, teach, someone to help come closer to Christ and his true church. We had a zone cenference last week and in ething that i learned really struck my mind. The Lord and the mission does not need me to help the church grow. I need the mission.

I hope you guys have a great week!

Love, Elder Rucker

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