Monday, July 28, 2014

Letter # 38

Jackson Rucker

9:05 AM (9 hours ago)
to me
Dear Mom, I have had a much better week and i have been feeling a lot better as well! This week was busy and full of a lot of work to help out investigators to church and to find new people to teach! this past saturday until sunday my companion and I did a fast to help several people build their faith to be able to come to church and we were blessed by the attendance of the mother of one of the laurels here she has a ton of faith but she just has a lot of fear of what could happen after her baptism and you would be proud about how i shared your story about how you quit drinking, smoking, cussing, and used your faith to drive out the fear. and this helped her a lot. so thank you for your awesome example. your life has helped mine and until now a couple people here in brazil to have more faith and to never look back on a life left again thanks for all of it. I had a much better week this week and i hope you did too! oh and we are going to baptize a lot of people here soon so get ready for some pics!

love, Elder Rucker

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