Monday, January 20, 2014

Letter # 14

Dear Mom,
 This week went by really fast and sadly didnt really lead to very much progress. On tusday we worked in this new area that is on the far edge of our area this week and knocked and knocked and nothing came from it until the end when we found a kid who was intrested in learning about our church and then we found out that he had 7 brothers and his mom is single and not living with anyone, which was great news for us. So, we marked to return this friday to teach them and confirm for going to church. We then on wednesday and thursday did a division with the other elders in our district and I had the opportunity to kinda take the lead because i was staying in my area. We worked really hard to find more quality people to teach in the same neighborhood but literally found nobody that was accepting us. We then did another division where I went to work in the area of our zone leaders and there nearly all of their appointments fell through, but great news is that I ran on the beach at 6:30 in the morning an let me tell you, it was FANTASTIC. I dont think ive ever seen a greater view of the ocean and beautiful waves in my life. On saturday we had even more trouble finding the so-so people we found during the week to confirm them for church. One of our investigators that was actually doing well and was understanding everything was a 17 year old girl whos parents were super lame and said they would only let their daughter go if they went. They listened to all of our messages, but never actually understood that what we were teaching is the truth! It was so great theaching this young lady about the gospel and we even gave her a B.O.M. to read and she loved reading it. She literally was an elect of God, but on saturday, when we went to confirm for church, the Mom was like "I believe in the only Christ, our savior, and Ive been watching so good preachers shows and Im going to start going there now. There is no need for you boys to return here." Talk about frusterating. They're denying the truth from their daughter who is 10 times smarter then they are from finding the truth, BUT FEAR NOT! Im not giving up! Love you so much!
-Elder Rucker

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